Christmas Sales in Lockdown

With much of the country in lockdown in the run up to Christmas in 2020, how can high street retailers generate Christmas sales this year? Competition from wholly online retailers is immense. The likes of Amazon, Asos and the big retailers have big advertising budgets and have prolific ads on TV and online, so how can local retailers compete?

The answer is to take a leaf out of the ‘big boys’ books.

Advertise, advertise, advertise.  Retailers, you need to let local customers know that you can do click & collect and local deliveries too. Make sure everyone in your local area knows about you.

Use every medium available. Leaflets, local newspapers, local magazines, Facebook ads, local radio ads, NextDoor and local WhatsApp groups.

Get your message out there and keep repeating it.

Lots of people want to support local businesses through the pandemic and will support local retailers if it’s easy for them.  Getting a delivery from a local shop is just as easy as getting a delivery from Amazon.  Your job is to make it just as easy for them to buy from you as it is from the big names.