How To Make Good Content

One of the most effective ways to keep top of mind in the search engines eyes, is to continually add fresh content to:

  • Your website / blog
  • Your Google My Business
  • Your Social Media Platforms

The question is, how can you do that without becoming a slave to writing and creating content?

The answer is pretty simple. Make it a daily or (at least) weekly habit. And, to make it really easy, keep a diary or use an app like Evernote to keep notes of interesting or fun things that happen in your business every day. That way when you want to create a piece of content to publish you’ll already have a selection of great things to post about.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Fun pictures of you, your staff or customers
  • Pictures of your stock or new lines
  • A piece from the news that customers might find interesting (as long as it’s positive)
  • Industry insights
  • Jokes and fun posts (occasionally)


Just make your posts, regular and varied. Mix them up between serious and fun stuff. Keep your diary of stuff to post and hey presto … you’ve got content.