Business Owners! Are you looking to get more customers and grow your business?

Unlock the secret to cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customers.  Generate new leads on autopilot and become an expert at follow-up and conversion.  We have the training and the tools to help you do all that and take your business to new heights.

How can you get more customers and more sales?

Life After Lockdown 3.
Do you plan to survive or thrive?

We will emerge from lockdown eventually, but business will be different for quite some time.

As we get back to normal, we as business owners have a responsibility to ‘do whatever it takes’ to get going again.  People depend on us; our customers, our suppliers, our staff, our families and even the nation.

There are many stories of business owners who have been creative and reaped fantastic rewards even through endless lockdowns. So remember you are the boss, it’s your responsibility to get your business thriving.  Be innovative, seize opportunities and seek help as you need it.

Kate Davies
Managing Director

The good news is that there is a simple formula you can apply to to all your marketing to greatly enhance your results and, it has never been easier to get in front of your target audience than it is now, with all today’s technology at our fingertips.

Our products, services and coaching programmes are geared to helping you to work out the best way to get in front of your target audience and to set up a systemised approach to finding prospects, marketing to them and converting prospects in to paying customers.

Build a database of prospects and customers.

Lead generation, engagement and systemised follow-up is what we do and what we can help you do, to find leads, turn them in to hot prospects and ultimately convert them to become buyers.  Whether your preferred Lead Gen source is LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Groupon, exhibitions or printed media, we can equip you with the tools you need to improve your sales and profitability.

Our solutions include products you can use to improve your own results, plus done-for-you services and a comprehensive coaching programme which tackles marketing and getting to grips with the important numbers and financials in your business.

Rhythmic acquisition of customers is always preceded by rhythmic activity

– Nigel Botterill

… and setting as much of your rhythmic activity for client acquisition on to autopilot, using automated systems will make it so much easier to achieve your goals without taking up huge amounts of your time.

Simple steps to sky-rocket sales

  • Facebook Strategies

    How to use FB to attract new customers, plus get more sales from past and existing customers.

  • Groupon Profits

    Use Groupon to get new business, but make it profitable.  It can be done with a few simple tweaks.

  • LinkedIn LeadGen

    Take the grunt work out of making connections on LinkedIn and make LinkedIn work for you.

  • Exhibition Success

    Automated strategies to make exhibiting truly successful. Great tactics for before, during and after the event.

  • Google Love

    Google rewards businesses that have correct, consistent and current content.  Get yourself some Google love!

  • Referral Marketing

    If your business comes from referrals, people will check you out online.  You’ll need Google reviews!

What help are you looking for?

DIY systems, Done-For-You services or Done-With-You coaching?

It’s Your Business

how can we help you?

  • DIY – for those business owners who have the time or the staff to do their marketing, we offer training and access to software platforms to automate your marketing, follow-up, conversions and tracking.
  • DFY – for those who want someone to do it for them, we can work with you to see what needs to be done and do it all for you.
  • DWY – for business owners who are looking for more, we can work with you through coaching the EC Entrepreneurs Marketing System.

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