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Google Kickstart

It starts with an audit of your Google assets, and then we start fixing them to get you found in Google searches.  Included is a comparison against your competitors web presence so we know exactly where to focus our efforts.

LinkedIn LeadGen

Leads and real business from LinkedIn rather than just connections.  Ideal for sales people.  Connect with the right people and implement a systemised method of enagaging with them and converting them in to hot prospects.

Offers & Coupons

Our coupon dissemination and follow-up system is a must for anyone making special offers.  Promote your offer, automatically send a coupon and send automated follow-up reminding people to redeem their coupon before it expires. Genius!

The Entrepreneurs Marketing System

Nothing happens in business until somebody buys something, and the fate of every business is determined by its ability to get & keep customers.   This book reveals how to do that rhythmically & consistently.

Groupon Commander

Groupon is a great market place and can bring you lots of views.  Discover how to capture details of people who view your Groupon ad and market to them yourself.  Think of the extra profit that will bring.

Automated Review Collection

Reviews are important!  Prospective customers will check out your reputation online.  Having no reviews is almost as bad as having negative ones; people will think no-one has anything good to say about you.

Custom Programs

Of course not everyone’s requirements fit in to neat boxes as we have packaged above, but these packages should give a flavour of what we do for our clients day-in day-out.

Feel free to get in touch to ask for specific help or to request a tailored program.

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